Sensation World Tour
Sensation World Tour
Sensation World Tour

We are proud of our share in the new show of Sensation Welcome to the Pleasuredome. Months of preparation resulted in a spectacular show what now travels around the world.

The giant construction consists of eight arches, each provided with 60 powerful 17 Watt LED spots (2300 Kelvin). The inside of the arches are provided with 600 meter DiGidot Pixel Strip and 150 Ethernet LED controllers. The LED spots and LED Strips also came back in the letters of Pleasurdome and the cages with the dancers.

Custom made LED product
The creative concept and design team of Sensation asked for a warm LED source of 2300 Kelvin, provided in eight arches. The brightness of the warm LED source we have used is so strong that it fills the whole football stadium. We wrote a special program to optimize the dim curve. Normally we dim in 256 steps, now we dim in 65.536 steps (16 bit). We wanted the LED source to go from bright to dim smoothly. Only in some parts of the show we dazzle the audience with these lights.

Intelligent LED controller
The powerful LED controller is unique in this installation. We used our expertise of the last few years and developed a smart and powerful LED controller 100% in-house. The device capabilities make it a groundbreaking innovation. By using this device the cabling could be reduced to a minimum. It can looping through the built-in Ethernet Switch with Neutrik Ethercon and powerCON. It’s the first huge show where we have no use of DMX. We’re going from Art-Net directly to the LED’s. This saves a lot of equipment what makes the set even smarter.

MADRIX LED software
Despite of the three new GRAND MA’s which are used for the show, the large number of universes were a problem. Therefore, we suggested the LED lighting software MADRIX Ultimate. At first the crew was skeptical  but after a good demo they were completely convinced about using MADRIX software! We did the patch, basic programming of the LED Pixel Strips and the Art-Net connection between MADRIX and the GRAND MA's.

Pixel controlled LED Strip
The effect of the DiGidot LED Strip RGB 16mm in the arches was amazing. The LED Strip is controllable per LED and has a PixelPitch of 16mm. Important is to program the LED Strip well with MADRIX. Sensations Welcome to the Pleasuredome has the great combination of spectacular light show, burlesque dancers, acrobats and some special effects that makes an unforgettable journey through the night.

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