I Am Hardwell - United We Are World Tour
I Am Hardwell - United We Are World Tour
I Am Hardwell - United We Are World Tour

I go on tour and take with me... two large LED installations from InventDesign. This is what DJ Hardwell thought during preparations for his latest world tour. The event kicked-off on January 23rd at the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam and was already sold out far in advance. 

On behalf of ALDA Events, InventDesign has delivered and mounted LEDs on a tour set designed by 250K with complementair light design of The Art of Light. The construction and technical feasibility is further elaborated by MotionFX. The construction and LED system was designed to buildup and breakdown in record time. Unlike other companies, we're renowned for building complex LED systems. That was one of the main requirements for this tour set. All parts of the installation are Plug and Play, linkable with Neutrik connectors.

LED pixels
We have built a system based on our recently released digital LED Strip. Each strip is composed of a number of 8.5 cm segments, each containing 6 high brightness RGB SMD LEDs. This product is unique  in that each  individual segment can be independently controlled. More than half a kilometer of these LED Strips were used for the world tour.

LED control
The setup contains approximately 4300 pixels, which are controlled by our fully in-house developed DiGidot C-4 controller. The Art-Net controller is extremely powerful and the most advanced version can operate 12 DMX universes. The controller is ideal for this sort of installation, not only because of the high capacity, but also because of its small size and weight. The controller weighs only 130 grams and if you need to ship an installation by plane, every kilogram counts. The power supplies and controllers are incorporated in compact installation boxes.The controllers have a built-in Ethernet switch,  meaning the boxes can be easily looped with Ethernet. The low weight and the small volume of the installation boxes is achievable because the controller is directly connected to the LEDs. The C-4 controller allows a direct translation of Art-Net to the LED. This eliminates the need for Art-Net nodes and DMX decoders to operate the LEDs  and saves an enormous amount of the equipment you still see in traditional setups.

MADRIX software
The Art of Light is in control of the light design and operating for the I Am Hardwell world tour. One important point is the characterizing roof with LED. To control the roof there was chosen for a combination between a GrandMA 2 and MADRIX. We've proven that MADRIX is an excellent solution in addition to a GrandMA when we used the system during Sensation Welcome to the Pleasure Dome in 2014. Stefan Verhoef, Creative Director and owner of InventDesign, personally helped the team from The Art of Light by creating patches and generating a variety of effects for the I Am Hardwell world tour.

‘We are incredibly proud that our LED installation is traveling with the world’s #1 DJ. The great response of the audience speaks for itself.’

Interested in MADRIX? Sign up for one of the MADRIX workshops hosted by InventDesign in Amsterdam.