Update LED lighting in theatre


Update LED lighting in theatre

For the 2014/2015 theatre season we have worked on projects such as the Dutch show: Moeder ik wil bij de Revu and the new Holiday on Ice show Passion. Besides the realization of beautiful theater shows we continue to develop new products. Please find below more information about 16-bit pixel controlled products, DiGidot C-4 controller and  RGBW DiGi Strip. 

LED Dimming
A known problem with LED in theatre is the dim curve, or the number of steps that it takes the light to get from 0 to 100%. Often we see that the step from 0 to 1 is still a big step. This is because DMX is typically 8-bit, 8-bit means that there are 256 brightness steps between 0 and 100%.

InventDesign is known for its complete range of pixel-controlled products. From now on the complete range of pixels be delivered in 16-bit. This means that instead of 256 steps the LED scan be dimmed in 256x256 steps. Those are a lot of steps, 65,536 to be exact. The step from zero to one is almost impossible to see with your bare eyes! Stefan Verhoef, Creative Director of InventDesign: ‘A small step for InventDesign but a major step for the industry!’

DMX Addressing
The people who have worked with our DiGi LED pixels before know that the first light in row is always automatically DMX 001. When you get a second line you get another DMX line, so another DMX universe. InventDesign developed a more practical solution. We proudly present our new controller: DiGidot C-4. The controller allows setting DMX universes and starting addresses.  If necessary, pixels can be grouped together to limit the number of DMX channels.

DiGidot C-4 
The C-4 controller allows a direct translation of Art-Net to the LED and can send up to 12 DMX universes. The controller converts the Art-Net signal directly into the protocol that is supported by the LEDs. This eliminates the need for Art-Net nodes and DMX decoders to operate the LEDs. The arrival of the DiGidot C-4 will save you an enormous amount of equipment you still see in traditional setups.

RGB-W DiGi Strip
Besides the new control options we introduce you the digital LED strip with RGB-W 24V, a LED Strip where the RGB-W are in one LED. Each strip is composed of a number of 8.5 cm segments, each containing 6 high brightness RGB-W SMD LEDs. This product is unique in that each segment can be individually controlled 16-bit.

What else you can expect in the coming months:
We continue the development of the C-4 controller. One of the future features is the built-in WiFi module. It will be an amazing new way to control the LED installation. It will allow you to control the LEDs through your mobile phone or tablet.

Are you interested or do you have questions? 
If you have any question about the DiGidot C-4 controller or our other DiGidot products and developments? Please contact us via +31(0)20-8200170 or e-mail to info@inventdesign.nl